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What We Do

We've been in the business for decades helping people like you fund their flip. Rehab projects have grown in popularity over the past few years.  With shows like "This Old House" and "Property Brothers" there has been an explosion of activity in the market.

Beware of predators whose offers sound "too good to be true..."  You know what Mom always said,"...they probably are."


If you're looking for financing for your rehab project, let us take a look at your proposed deal. We're not eager to get into bad deals and neither should you. We'll collaborate with you to make sure your deal makes sense before we make a lending decision.

Who We Are

Who We Are


Matt Bartle is an attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, where he has practiced since 1991.  Matt specializes in securities law and counseling businesses in commercial disputes.  Matt has an AB in Economics from the University of Missouri and a JD from Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago.  He served for 10 years in the Missouri legislature and was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for eight of those years.  Matt successfully sponsored Missouri’s most recent rewrite of its securities laws.  Matt has owned and operated a real estate portfolio since 2005 and now has 45 doors.  He began making private mortgage-backed loans in 2010.  In 2017, Matt founded North Oak Investment, LLC, and has grown its portfolio of loans to $20 million.  Matt and his wife Annette have been married for 33 years.  They have two adult children who are both married.  Matt loves backpacking, camping and snow skiing.


Tommy Nigro is a Certified Private Lender - Fund Manager and is an active member of the Americal Association of Private Lenders. He began his career in construction management and systems engineering after attending the University of Missouri. Tommy joined North Oak Investment, LLC as one of its first employees and then became Matt’s partner in the business after managing the daily operations and the company’s growth since early 2017. Tommy has overseen the origination, underwriting and management of over 600 loans, totaling over $70,000,000 since 2017.  Tommy and his team of developers at Kohezion have built a proprietary underwriting and portfolio management system which NOI utilizes to manage $20,000,000 of loan assets.  Tommy and his wife Jessica have been married for 10 years and have two sons and a daughter.  Tommy enjoys coaching his kids sports teams, backpacking and traveling with his family.


Bernie Richter is our founding member and has led the way to who we are today as an organization.  Bernie is well-known in the Kansas City Metro area as a person you can count on for short-term financing.  Bernie's passion for this business stems from his decades of first-hand experience in it. Since 1972, as North Oak Investment, Bernie has financed several thousand new houses and since 1997 thousands of residential rehab projects in the greater Kansas City area, serving both new clients and seasoned veterans.


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