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Supplement your portfolio with high-yield & high-security

8.0% to 9.5% Yield.

No Fees.  No Hassle.

Start investing today and get access to high-yield, real estate portfolio investments, all backed by a first-position senior lien.

North Oak Investment

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40 Years +

* In Business

$80,000,000 +

 * Funded

$8,000,000 +

* Interest Paid

* North Oak Investment Fund, LP was formed in 2023, North Oak Investment, LLC was formed in 2017, and a member of North Oak Investment, LLC’s staff, who is currently still employed, has had over 40 years of experience in the Private Real Estate Lending Industry.  The numbers provided above are approximate estimates of the actual performance of private real estate loans North Oak Investment, LLC has originated and managed since 2017.


North Oak Investment

Local Market

  • 40 + years in the Kansas City market.

  • All of our loans are for real estate within 30 minutes driving distance from our office.

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North Oak Investment

Choose Your Appraiser

  • We utilize the services of multiple appraisal companies.

  • If you have a preferred appraiser in our market, we'll use them on your next deal.

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North Oak Investment

40 + Years Experience

  • Unsurpassed service backed by decades of industry experience.

  • Asset-Based underwriting means each loan is specially tailored to enhance the security of your principal.

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