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100% Service

No Fees

These are the services we provide to you on every loan at $0.00 cost to you.





  1. Borrower vetting

  2. Property vetting

  3. Loan structuring

  4. Collateral assembly

  5. Funding instructions

  6. Collateral transmittal

  1. Closing coordination

  2. $25 wire-fee collected for you at closing

  1. Property Inspections

  2. Draw Processing

  3. Weekly Reports

  1. Pay-off statement preparation

  2. $10 wire-fee collected for you at closing

  3. Payoff receipt verification

  4. Lien release documentation

  5. Year-end statements

Customized reports sent to your inbox every week.

We earn money by originating the loan and are paid at closing by the borrower.  We depend on our partnership with you in order to stay in business.  That's why we provide so much value to you at zero cost. 


On most of our loans, there are only two costs you pay, and both costs are charged to you by your own bank:  The outgoing and incoming wire fees.  We collect from the borrower for both of those fees and make reimbursements to our investors quarterly.

Sometimes foreclosure becomes necessary.  While this is rare (less than 2%), it does happen.  An average foreclosure costs approximately $2,000 out of pocket.  We will pay this cost upfront for you, then invoice for it once title has been transferred to you.  We will take care of all foreclosure servicing at no cost.  You will have the ability to attempt to recover the full amount of your principal plus accrued interest and foreclosure costs.  There are a few options available to you.  Please click here to learn more.



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